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If you are an Affiliate Marketer you know how important it is to reach your audience through advertisements. Gone are the days where television, radio, and print were the only modes to reach out to the audience. Thanks to so many devices people use these days an average person views more than 4,000 Ads a day, which means you have to make sure you Ad makes a powerful impact on them.

CannAffiliate is a company which focuses on acquiring new customers and provide conversion tracking for Dispensaries and Cannabis/CBD brands. You can join them as an advertiser or affiliate partner. They will help you tap into their affiliate network, and set your own customer acquisition cost, and use their affiliate partners to promote your brand. Besides, with CannAffiliate Conversion Tracking, they empower their partners to discover what marketing channels/campaigns result in online sales that are picked up in store. You can also earn commission directly from cannabis dispensaries and CBD brands.

Do you have a WordPress site and are on the lookout for migrating your site?? Is your site always down or showing the 500 error and the customer care for your hosting site takes ages to rectify your issues?? A lot of people face these issues when their site starts growing or as if the host is not up to date. We have the answer for all your woes with the perfect hosting partner in “KINSTA.” It’s a premium managed Google Cloud Platform hosting company.

Measurements are extremely important for marketing. The ROI on marketing is always an unpredictable curve and hence having solid metrics can help you improve your marketing strategy with solid data. Tracking website visitors, bounce rates, conversions and so on thereby improvising your ads can give you plenty of new customers. Tracking these could be a tedious process and here’s where an affiliate marketing tool like is extremely important. Read on to know how it can improve your business and if it is the right tool for you.